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Potato tuber blemishes: understanding & diagnosis

Silver scurf

Fungus, Hypomycete

Latin name : Helminthosporium solani

Diagnostic characters for visual diagnosis

  • Silvery lesions with well defined edges
  • Edge of lesion brown and of irregular width
  • Lesions may coalesce
  • Conidiophores develop at edge of lesion
  • Typical shape of conidophores: pine trees
  • When severely infected, tubers lose moisture rapidly and may appear wrinkled

Notes on confirmatory diagnostics

  • After incubation of infected tuber at high relative humidity,  the microsclerotia produce conidiophores recognizable under the microscope
  • For the fungus isolation, pick tissue from edge of lesion after surface sterilization
  • Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) is a good isolation medium

Specific reference :

Errampalli et al  (2001). Plant Pathology, 50, 141-153

more symptoms

Possible confusing symptoms :