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Potato tuber blemishes: understanding & diagnosis

Golding blotch

Non-pathological disorder

Diagnostic characters for visual diagnosis

  • Orange brown superficial discoloration, irregular in shape.
  • Lesions have a distinct but irregular margin.
  • Individual lesions may extend up to half of the tuber
  • Lesions occur more frequently on the underside of tubers in the furrow
  • Symptoms are normally present at harvest and do not develop further
  • No fungal structures are associated with lesions 

Notes on confirmatory diagnostics

  • As a non-pathological disorder, no pathogens can be observed associated with lesions even after incubation
  • Equally, attempts to isolate from lesions onto agar fails to produce a recognised pathogen

Specific references:

Hide et al (1994). Annals of Applied Biology, 124,253- 265

Hide et al (1994). Potato Research 37, 169-172.                                         

Possible confusing symptoms :