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Potato tuber blemishes: understanding & diagnosis

Dry core

Cited causes : balck scurf (Rhizoctonia solani) & wireworms (Agriotes ssp.)

Diagnostic characters for visual diagnosis

  • Restricted brown cavities up to several millimetres deep with a diameter of 3 to 6 mm
  • Injuries caused by wireworm (Agriotes ssp.) or other insectes mean may facilitate the penetration of R. solani into the tuber  and favour the formation of dry core symptoms
  • Infections with the mycelium of R. solani through wounded normal lenticels and lenticels excrescences were successful

Notes on confirmatory diagnostics

  • Confirmation can be made by isolation  of R. solani on culture media (malt streptomycine, water agar, modified ko & Hora medium, etc...), then incubated for 2 to 3 days at 20 °C.

Specific references:

Keiser et al (2012). PotatoResearch, 55, 59-67

more symptoms

Possible confusing symptoms :